Koen Fillet (1962) studied drawing and graphics at St-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. After destroying his entire early oeuvre, Fillet abandoned the arts for almost three decades.

Currently working for the Belgian public radio station Radio1 (VRT), Fillet is one of Flanders’ leading radio talk show hosts.

While Koen Fillet earns a living talking, he prefers to keep quiet. Which is where art comes in. A growing unease with journalism and a brimming urge to translate images into form made Fillet pick up the brush again.

Now painting has become his language: expressing the disquiet which lingers just beneath the surface of his work.

As a visual artist Koen Fillet is fending off journalism from his oeuvre.



12 maart 2021 "Lichaam zonder naam", ccBinder, Puurs

2020 - Guidecca Art District, Venice (IT)
2020 - Galerie Cecilia Jaime, Ghent (BE)
2020 - Campo & Campo, Berchem (BE)
2020 - BAD, Ghent (BE)
2019 - Stadsfestival, Damme (BE)
2019 - De Bijl (solo), Zoersel (BE)
2018 - Rolwagenstraat (solo), Antwerpen (BE)
2017 - Ruimte 34 (solo), Berchem (BE)
2017 - BAD, Ghent (BE)
2016 - Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent (BE)
2016 - Kunstenfestival, Watou (BE)
2016 - CAPS aan zee, Oostende (BE)
2016 - BAD, Ghent (BE)
2015 - Rivoli (solo), Brussels (BE)
2015 - IN/OUT (solo), Antwerpen (BE)
2015 - D.ART, Mechelen (BE)
12 maart 2021 "Lichaam zonder naam", ccBinder, Puurs