Koen Fillet (1962) studied drawing and graphics at St-Lucas in Ghent, Belgium, and failed. After destroying his entire early oeuvre, Fillet abandoned the arts for almost three decades. 

Currently working for the Belgian public news radio station Radio 1 (VRT), Fillet is one of Flanders’ leading radio talk show hosts.

While Koen Fillet earns a living talking, he prefers to keep quiet. Which is where art comes in. A growing unease with journalism and the media and a brimming urge to translate images into form made Fillet return to the easel and pick up the brush once more. 

Now painting has become his language: a way of subtly expressing the fundamental disquiet which always lingers just beneath the surface of his work.

As a visual artist Koen Fillet is fending off journalism from his oeuvre. Now and again he fails. Again.